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Real-life sequels

Putin unveils $50bn Russian space drive

President Vladimir Putin unveiled a new $US50 billion ($A47 billion) drive for Russia to preserve its status as a top space power, including the construction of a brand new cosmodrome from where humans will fly to space by the end of the decade.

Putin sets out to drive the US into bankrupting itself keeping up with the space race in Star Wars II: The Empire Strikes Back.

Crean savages Labor in scathing interview - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation):

Former Labor frontbencher Simon Crean has savaged his own party and leader in a newspaper interview that has refuelled the issue of Labor disunity.

Simon Crean continues to embrace his role as the Embarrassing Uncle of the Labor Party with gusto.

And speaking of Embarrassing Uncles, Barnaby Joyce has this to offer:

"We know the country cannot go on like this. It has to turn around ... We must get the show back on the rails."

Too bad for Barnaby his leader isn't a believer in putting anything on rails (Abbott: Government funding is for roads, not rail).

Sand, surf, sky and sunrise.

Taken shortly after sunrise halfway between Alexandra Headland and Mooloolaba. If I was already up and about at that time (or, truthfully, still hadn't gone to bed) I should make the most of the opportunity.

Half and half.



Shadow beach


I had breakfast with Catherine & Gen at South Bank last Thursday before going to work and leaving from there that afternoon for the Sunshine Coast. The crows that haunt the trees near the cafe strip were as good an excuse as any to start getting in some practice. 

Crows at South Bank

Crows at South Bank (II)


Back from the Sunshine Coast with a few hundred photos to sort through now. I didn't have the time to get to know the new camera before going away, so a lot of these were me still familiarising myself with it (and a lot were also me just flicking the camera onto Intelligent Auto mode and trusting it).

Rough seas? No, just average.

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